Guy Fletcher

Guy Fletcher has been working with Mark on more or less all of his projects since the 1983 «Cal» soundtrack. In this interview from 2004, Guy answers several questions related to his career as a musician.

How long have you been working with music and can you name some of the instruments that you play?

  • I`ve been in the business since 1976 when I was a tea boy for ATV music publishers in London. Before that I was in various bands at school. I started on bass guitar at the age of 12. Apart from keyboards, I play guitars and lap steel guitars,mostly Hawaiian.

What is the best memory of your career?

  • Probably playing at Live-Aid or recently going to the press screening at the Odeon Leicester Square, of my first movie soundtrack (Tooth)

What kind of music is your favourite? Do you have any favourite artists/Bands?

  • No favourites but at present I`m into Beck, Chilli Peppers, Goldfrapp, the Darkness, Blur, Air.

How is your relationship with Mark Knopfler? How is he as a person?

  • We have a good relationship in and out of the studio. He`s a very contented and easy going person these days, quite different to the angst ridden, perfectionist he used to be. He`s always been close to genius though.

What is, in your opinion, the best song that Mark Knopfler have ever wrote?

  • That`s the hardest question because I think his writing keeps getting better and better.

Can you name some of the other artists that you have been working with besides MK and DS?

  • Not many recently but in the past.. Tina Turner, Bryan Ferry, Mick Jagger, Squeeze.

Back to the DS time. What was your feelings when you were on tour with Dire Straits?

  • It was good to be on the road with a VERY successful band. We were no. 1 everywhere we went in 1986. It was difficult to keep the ego in check though, some of us didnt manage it.

How about making some songs were you have the main-vocal?

  • Only recently am I doing this. I used to do it a lot before MK. You may hear my voice on a soundtrack or two later on.

What happened to the Braithwaites soundtrack?

  • Break the rules and release it 🙂 I`d get sued. Thats just the way it is. At least until I am in a position of control over the tv executives.

Does the throne-pic of you have a history?

  • Who took it? I like that pic 🙂 No history except that it just had to be done!

Why didn’t Mike Henderson work with you guys in the making of The Ragpickers Dream?

  • He was great on the STP-Tour!! He did help out a bit, but he wasn`t in Marks initial line-up.

Does Mark ever talk about his brother David? Are they still not friends?

  • No, never. Its just not something we talk about. One day maybe.

Can you give us some information about the DVD-Project? Will the Charity concerts last summer be released?

  • At the moment I think there ARE plans to release something in this format but I`m out of the loop a bit at the moment so I will let you know on that later next year.

Can you tell us about the whole process of making a album? What is the best part you think?

  • The process has always intrigued me. Its different with every artist. Everyone has their favourite way of going about it. I particularly enjoy mixing.

Do you ever get tired of being Marks «right hand»? (or left, actually…)

  • Of course, thats why I`m now writing my own soundtracks etc. I`ve always been freelance and always will be. If Mark wasn`t such a rare talent, inspiring and great fun to work with, I wouldn`t do it.

I have heard Mark likes red wine and pasta, what do you like? 🙂 (for your next meal served by this fan club…)

  • I love Cajun food and MEAT in general.

Do you (all of you) have any pranks you often practice on the others?

  • Nothing on a regular basis, just the usual spur-of-the-moment childish stuff.

You didn’t come to Norway when Mark did promo for RPD. Promise us you will be here next the time! 🙂

  • I was busy with a movie. I will try.

Have you seen little Kayta yet? Do you know something about her beautiful name?

  • I saw MK today, but no I haven`t met Katya yet but hope to before Christmas. She sounds wonderful.

This is the last question, If you were asked to come to Norway as a special guest for the first meeting of the fanclub, would you have accepted the invitation?

  • That would of course depend on how busy I was at the time. The best time to get band members to visit fan clubs is when we`re on tour. Are you leading up to something?

Thank you so much for taking your time, Guy!