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Down The Road Wherever

Mark Knopflers niende soloalbum siden Golden Heart. Utgitt 16.november 2018.

‘Down The Road Wherever’ is a line from ‘One Song At A Time.’ I remember my pal Chet Atkins once saying that he picked his way out of poverty one song at a time, and it just stuck in my mind. You get to an age where you’ve written quite a few songs. But ‘Down The Road Wherever’ seems to be appropriate for me just because it’s what I’ve always done. I’ve always tried to make a record and also to keep my own geography happening in the songs.

1. Trapper Man
2. Back On The Dance Floor
3. Nobody’s Child
4. Just A Boy Away From Home
5. When You Leave
6. Good On You Son
7. My Bacon Roll
8. Nobody Does That
9. One Song At A Time
10. Floating Away
11. Slow Learner
12. Heavy Up
13. Matchstick Man

1. Drovers’ Road (Deluxe CD og bokssett)
2. Every Heart In The Room (Deluxe CD og bokssett)
3. Rear View Mirror (Deluxe CD og bokssett)
4. Don’t Suck Me In (bokssett)
5. Sky And Water (bokssett)
6. Pale Imitation (bokssett)

Mark Knopfler: Gitar og vokal
Jim Cox: Keyboard
Guy Fletcher: Keyboard
Glenn Worf: Bass
Richard Bennett: Gitar
Robbie McIntosh: Gitar
Ian Thomas: Trommer
Danny Cummings: Perkusjon
Nigel Hitchcock: Saksofon
Tom Walsh: Trompet
Trevor Mires: Trombone
John McCusker: Fiolin
Mike McGoldrick: Fløyte

Imelda May: Bakgrunnsvokal
Kris Drever: Bakgrunnsvokal
Lance Ellington: Bakgrunnsvokal
Beverley Skeete: Bakgrunnsvokal
Katie Kissoon: Bakgrunnsvokal